The Pinch Hit Records catalog is a gold mine of sonic treasures. Check it out. Each band in the catalog has received underground and commercial radio airplay, great print reviews and played big gigs. Our artists know they have a label that gets behind them and makes things happen. That’s why Pinch Hit Records is known as the “Hi-Performance Indie.”

Pinch Hit Records specializes in exceptional alternative and pop music. We sign artists that write, produce, and record great original material. We try to offer a supportive home where artists can grow without the immense pressure of a major label. We assist in developing our artists’ recording and performing careers. We concentrate on artistic as well as commercial breakthroughs. This relationship has led to fantastic results.

Pinch Hit Records, established in 1993 by producer/manager David Lebental, is located on Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California. “We roll out CD’s with integrated marketing plans the way labels used to. We strategically promote our artists to radio, retail, print media, the web, and the live performance industry”, says Lebental. “The goal is to reach the music buying public and the infra-structure of the music industry. With each artist, we try to find a creative way to generate visibility. Pinch Hit Records’ goal is to sell records and further our artists careers.”

President: David Lebental
Vice President: Mike Naylor
Director of Marketing: Peter Torres
Retail Sales Supervisor: Brandon Beachum
Administration: Maria Sabatino

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Pinch Hit Records

2400 West Carson Street Suite 223 Torrance, California 90501