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Pinch Hit Records is your underground source for great new music. Our new video music channel, The Media Launcher, plays incredible new streaming video and audio files at your command. Pinch Hit is your underground outlet to check out new and emerging music. We rotate the Media Launcher’s audio and video playlist on the 1st of each month. So bookmark us and keep coming back!

The Pinch Hit Records catalog is a gold mine of sonic treasures. Click the store button and buy a few CDs. Your $10-$20 enables us to sign bands and keep the new music flowing. Consider us like the Public Broadcasting Service of rock music. Your purchases keep the dream alive for hundreds of bands that deserve to be signed by independent labels like us. So do your part! If you are a musician, please get your karma flowing by buying a CD by one of our artists. It always comes back your way.


The Latest Dirt

Request Third Grade Teach on Indie103Request Third Grade Teacher on Indie 103 FM!

Third Grade Teacher’s single “Conductor Semiconductor” is getting some airplay on Southern California’s Indie 103.1. Please request this single and they’re other two singles “Roll It Up” and “Feel Like Me.” Send an EMAIL REQUEST or call (877) 4-LA1031 and let them know you want your 3GT!


PinwheelPinwheel Firing On All Pistons!

Pinwheel’s album “Trouble Doll” continues to impact college radio and press. The single “Superball” is destined to become an indie classic. If you haven’t seen the video for “Superball” yet go grab a brew and mouse on over to the Media Launcher on the upper right of the front page. And stay tuned for some NEW Pinwheel material which we will preview on the site in the coming weeks.


Featured Artists

th_3gtpromopic_hiresTHIRD GRADE TEACHER

Third Grade Teacher is a  bit lo-fi like Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, yet thick and meaty like early Who or Zeppelin. Sabrina has the swagger of Patty Smith, the growl of Courtney Love and the psychosis of Linda Blair in the Exorcist.




Santa Barbara’s Munkafust dishes up an alternative, blues-based rock, with plenty of hooks and a funky undertone for it all.

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